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New Zealand Migration Program

New Zealand

Essentially, there are three (3) main streams and ways to immigrate to New Zealand. The usual categories for permanent residence classes are:

  • Skilled/ Business Stream - Help talented and entrepreneurial migrant gain residence in NZ
    • Skilled Migrant Category
    • Business Categories (Investor, Entrepreneur, Employees of Relocating Business)
    • Residence from Work Categories - Talent Work Policy (Accredited Employers), Talent Work Policy (Arts, Culture and Sports), Long Term Skill Shortage Work Policy
  • Family Sponsored Stream - Help reunite families in New Zealand by granting residence to the family of New Zealand citizen and residence
    • Family Category - Partnership, Parent, Sibling/Adult Child, and Dependent Child Policies and
    • Family Quota Category
  • International/Humanitarian Stream – To fulfill New Zealand obligations as a good International citizen.
    • Refugee Family Quota Category
    • Pacific Access Category
    • Samoan Quota Scheme
    • Victims of domestic violence; and
    • Various other special policies for specific countries

I. Skilled / Business Stream
  • Skilled Migrant Category: The Skilled Migrant Category is the main path to residence in New Zealand. It is designed to make sure that people migrating to New Zealand have the skills the country needs. This category works on a points system. Points are earned on the basis of your qualifications, work experience and job, or job offer, in New Zealand.
    • The first priority for automatic selection are those who reach 140 points
    • The second priority are those who reach 100 points or more but less than 140 points, but they have job offers in skilled employment or they are currently employed in NZ
    • There is an increase period that Expression of Interest (EOIs) remain in the pool from 3 months to 6 months

    The Application Process

    • Self Assessment
    • Submit Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • Expression of Interest in Pool
    • Select Expression of Interest in Pool
    • Verify Expression of Interest
    • Issue Invitation to Apply
    • Lodge Residence Application
    • Application Decided
    • Application Approved

    Skilled Migrant Category Points System

    Download: Skilled Migrant Category Points System

  • Business and Investment Category: If you're thinking of investing or establishing a business in New Zealand, we can offer business advantages and an environment that you'll enjoy as well.

    You can be granted residence under the Investor, Entrepreneur or Employees of Relocating Business Categories. The Long Term Business Visa is a temporary entry category intended to lead to residence under the Entrepreneur Category. People wanting to establish a business in NZ can be granted a Work Permit under the Long Term Business Visa Policy & apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Category after 3 years.

    1. Investor Category

    To be approved, you must:

    • Have NZ $ 2 Million to invest in New Zealand government for 5 years
    • Have at least 5 years business experience
    • Be aged 54 years or under when you apply for residence
    • Meet English language, health and character requirements
    • Demonstrate that you have the ability to successfully settle in and contribute to NZ

    2. Entrepreneur Category

    To apply under the Entrepreneur Category, you need to:

    • Apply for Long Term Business Visa or Permit. This will allow you to stay in NZ as self-employed person for up to 3 years
    • Have successfully established a business in New Zealand that is benefiting NZ
    • Meet a reasonable standard of English

    3. Employees of Relocating Business Category

    This category aims to promote New Zealand as a place in which to relocate businesses. To be approved under this category you need to:

    • Be a key employee of a business that is proposing to relocate in New Zealand
    • Not qualify for residence under the residence categories
    • Be healthy and of good character
    • Meet the reasonable standard of English

  • Residence From Work Categories

    1. Talent Work Policy (Accredited Employers)

    This is a residence policy for people who were granted a 24 month temporary Work Visa or Permit to allow them to work for an accredited employer in New Zealand

    2. Talent Work Policy (Arts, Culture and Sports)

    This is a residence policy for people with exceptional talent in a field of art, culture, or sport who were sponsored by a New Zealand art, cultural or sporting organization for a 24 month open temporary Work Visa or Permit allowing them to be actively engaged in their field in New Zealand.

    3. Long Term Skill Shortage Work Policy (formerly Priority Occupation List)

    This is a residence policy for people who were granted a 24 month Work Visa or Permit to allow them to work for an employer in New Zealand in an occupation on the Long Term Skill Shortage List.

II. Family Sponsored Category (Family Migrant)

Many people already settled in New Zealand wish their close family to join them, and family members, often alone, wish to come to New Zealand to be close to relatives. We have a range of family policies facilitating partners, dependent children, parents, siblings or adult children of New Zealand citizens or residents to come to live in New Zealand.

  • Partnership Policy - You and your partner need to prove that you:
    • Are living together for 1 year in a genuine and stable relationship
    • Are both aged 18 years or older
    • Meet each other prior to your application being made
    • Are not close relatives
  • Parent Policy - You maybe granted residence if:
    • Your child is 17 years or over and sponsors your application
    • Your family "center of gravity" is in New Zealand
  • Sibling and Adult Child Policy - You maybe granted under this policy if you have:
    • A New Zealand citizen or resident parent, brother or sister who is living in New Zealand, able to sponsor your application; and
    • No other siblings or parents who are living lawfully and permanently in the same country in which you are living lawfully and permanently; and
    • An acceptable offer of employment in New Zealand
  • Dependent Child Policy - This is for people who are dependent children of New Zealand citizen or resident and who want to live permanently in New Zealand.
    • You are age 16 or younger
    • You are single
    • You are totally or substantially reliant on an adult for financial support (whether or not that adult is your parent, and whether or not you are living with that adult); and
    • Your parent(s) are lawfully and permanently in New Zealand