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12 Good Reasons

Why INS is the only choice for your immigration needs.

  • 1. INS is composed of a battery of renowed immigration Lawyers & Specialists credited with the highest rate of approvals.
  • 2. Only INS has powerful alliances being a bonafide member of various International organizations such as:
    • American Chamber of Commerce
    • Canadian Chamber of Commerce
    • British Chamber of Commerce
    • European Chamber of Commerce
    • Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
    • Camara Official EspaƱola De Comercio Industria Y Navegacion En Filipinas Inc.
    • Korean Chamber of Commerce
  • 3. INS treats every case uniquely w/ an individualized Professional service & ingenous document facilitation support the LEGAL way.
  • 4. Only INS offers a complete immigration package from "Engagement to Settlement".
  • 5. INS is the only consultancy firm that offers the most diversified and extensive services in all visa matters for both immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications either outbound or inbound.
  • 6. INS is the foremost consultancy firm that provides ongoing comprehensive immigration seminars and advice nationwide to identify the best visa program most suited for you.
  • 7. INS competent team rigidly prepares you in dealing with visa officers through progression of mock interviews prior to any official embassy interview.
  • 8. INS acts as your legal representative in the embassies & serves as your defense to fight visa problems and denials to deliver your visa.
  • 9. The consistent leader in the immigration industry offers transfer options to any country as fallback position.
  • 10. INS has the BIGGEST and WIDEST network nationwide and internationally to serve you better!!!
  • 11. Only INS utilizes a Case Management Group to take the "Migraine out of your Migration" for a hassle free case.
  • 12. INS has achieved more than A Decade of Excellence and Heritage of Success.

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