Company Profile | INS The Immigration Specialists Inc.

Company Profile

Company Profile | INS The Immigration Specialists Inc.

INS THE IMMIGRATION SPECIALISTS, INC. better known as "INS" is an International Consultancy Firm composed of Immigration Lawyers and Specialists whose respective fields of expertise are focused towards one foremost objective: that is, to assist prospective immigrants in obtaining Permanent Residence Status to multi-countries such as USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK, SCHENGEN TERRITORY and the PHILIPPINES. We specialize on both outbound and inbound immigration services.

It was more of service to the public why INS THE IMMIGRATION SPECIALISTS was established in July 14, 1994 in Makati City, Philippines.

It is our mission to empower and fulfill everybody's dreams and aspirations for a better, bigger, brighter future for themselves and their families by obtaining a far superior status that would take them to the next level, enabling them to exercise fully their rights and enjoy all the benefits as that of a Citizen.

INS The Immigration Specialists takes the leap of giving people a chance to achieve international exposure, career advancement and equal professional opportunities for the enhancement of their present living conditions.

Thus, INS The Immigration Specialists has resolved to be totally dedicated to an endless quest for excellence in these important tasks, which we endeavor to accomplish.

INS The Immigration Specialists is committed to play an active role by unselfishly serving the public, as we believe we can have a significant impact on making people's lives better by dedicating our resources to this dream where everyone benefits.

To date, INS The Immigration Specialists has broadened its operations to LUZON, VISAYAS & MINDANAO using our six (6) branches namely BACOLOD,DAGUPAN,LAOAG,BAGUIO,DAVAO and ZAMBOANGA as well as our satellite offices abroad, to reach and touch lives of more people.

INS The Immigration Specialists has fully grown to be a one-stop shop company that is able to provide and handle all our clients' needs for a better future and status, that has propelled us to greater heights as the generic name for immigration and the only choice of immigrants. We shall continue to work hand in hand driven by common goals and values, sharing competencies and best practices.

Together, in synergy we shall build a dynamic organization with an exponential growth, bolstered with the passion to deliver, continuously improving, innovating and maintaining our dominance and competitive edge in the industry for the years beyond.