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  • COVID-19 vaccination requirements to be lifted for international arrivals in Australia

    To encourage more visitors and skilled workers to Australia and reduce airport delays, all COVID-19 border restrictions will be lifted from Wednesday, July 6 2022. While the incoming international travellers will no longer be required to declare their vaccination status or obtain a travel exemption, mask requirements will remain in place.

    Following changes to the Biosecurity Act, the border restrictions enforced in response to COVID-19 will also be dropped this week.

    While the requirement to fill out a digital passenger declaration  (DPD) will be scrapped, the mask rules for incoming flights will remain in place.


    All visa holders will soon be able to travel to Australia without declaring Covid-19 vaccination status or obtaining an exemption.
    Mask rules stay in place.

    The changes come into effect from 12.01 am on Wednesday, July 6 2022.

    Health minister Mark Butler stated that travellers must still comply with any remaining COVID-19 requirements of airlines and shipping operators, as well as other countries, states and territories.

    “This currently includes wearing masks on inbound international flights. State and territory orders mandating masks on domestic flights also remain in place," said Mr Butler.

    The home affairs minister Clare O’Neil said this is ‘great news’ and the passengers will find this as one less thing to worry about while travelling.

    "Removing these requirements will not only reduce delays in our airports but will also encourage more visitors and skilled workers to choose Australia as a destination,” said Ms Neil.

    It will also no longer be necessary to complete a Maritime Travel Declaration for those arriving by sea.

    Source: DHA

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