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  • Canada is sending the right immigration signals to the world

    Canada may be the most open country on the planet right now.

    Countries around the world have shut their borders, closed their airports, and imposed lockdowns to fight the deadly coronavirus.

    Canada, too, has implemented such emergency measures.

    But, it is also seeking to strike a balance between containing COVID-19 while also enabling global talent and foreign nationals into the country. This is due to Canada’s recognition that newcomers are part of the solution to supporting its economy during this challenging period, as well as the country’s unwavering commitment to reuniting family members even in the wake of its travel restrictions.

    Canada doing everything it can to accommodate immigrants

    On March 16, 2020, Canada unveiled special immigration measures related to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The most notable measure was the decision to restrict travel into the country until June 30th, although several major exceptions were made.

    Recognizing that the immigration system would face significant disruptions due to developments that are both within its control as well as beyond its control, Canada has taken additional steps to try to keep its immigration system running as smoothly as possible.

    For instance, Canada has stated that no immigration application will be refused due to incomplete documentation. Rather, the federal government will provide applicants with more time to obtain their documents before it makes a decision on their application.

    Make no mistake about it, Canada’s immigration system is facing disruptions.

    Canadian government officials must work remotely to protect their health and safety as well as the safety of their family, friends, and communities. They are also responding to competing priorities to navigate this crisis which is requiring them to divert their attention from their day-to-day immigration responsibilities.

    Factors beyond Canada’s control include people overseas facing lockdowns, travel restrictions, service disruptions, and other obstacles that are hindering the ability of foreign nationals to come to Canada or submit a completed immigration application.

    Nonetheless, Canada is doing its best to adapt which is sending the right signals to foreign nationals around the world.

    That is: we will do everything we can to accommodate your immigration goals and help you during this period of need.

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