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  • Do you want more immigrants working in Britain, or more British jobs going to foreign call centres?
    Do you want more immigrants working in Britain, or more British jobs going to foreign call centres? A new study suggests that companies employ immigrants in Britain as an alternative to sending jobs offshore By James Kirkup 10:55AM BST 26 May 2015 [Comments] 396 Comments A lot of people come to Britain from foreign countries. We call them immigrants, and a lot of people aren’t happy about how many of them there are. Some of those unhappy people worry about the effect immigration has on employment in the UK. Some worry that the arrival of foreigners somehow costs British people jobs, because the immigrants take jobs that would otherwise be done by British people. • The real truth behind the migration figures • Immigration nation: where are Britain's migrants coming from, and why? That idea is rejected by most economists, many of whom talk about the “lump of labour fallacy&rdq[...]
  • Survey Finds Prospective Immigrants to Canada are Now Younger and Better Educated
    A study by World Education Services (WES) has revealed that prospective immigrants to Canada are better educated and younger as a result of immigration changes in recent years. Prospective immigrants also initiate their credential assessments sooner than before in accordance with the recent changes in immigration rules, the study shows. WES, an agency that evaluates immigrant credentials, did a survey of 28,851 prospective immigrants who were referred to it by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The survey was designed to analyze the impact recent immigration policy changes had on immigrant profiles. According to WES, 80% of its work was done for foreign-based candidates last year, a sharp increase from only 16% in 2012.  The survey, which involved a questionnaire completed by 3,200 candidates, also reveals that 95% of the prospective immigrants to Canada belonged to 25-44 age groups, an increase from 84% before 2013. Of those surveyed, 59% ha[...]
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